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Revamp Your Wardrobe - Live in the Present

Change how you feel about yourself with the practical task of revamping your wardrobe. Begin to live in the present moment, really think about the contents of your wardrobe.

Change how you feel about yourself with the practical task of revamping your wardrobe. Begin to live in the present moment, really think about the contents of your wardrobe.

By getting rid of any unflattering clothes, the way is cleared for a new, improved you. A careful reassessment of what you wear is a truly transforming experience. Follow these guidelines, and you could change your life.

By ridding yourself of the unwearable rubbish, paradoxically you will find you have more of everything.

• More wearable, worthy clothes

• More time - you'll get dressed so much quicker!

• More money - no more impulse buys

• More confidence

• More control

To totally revamp your wardrobe, you will need:

• Best part of a day, uninterrupted

• Bin bags, boxes

• Coat hangers

• Good, uplifting music (anything you like that motivates you)

• Loads of energy and a positive attitude

First of all, take every single thing out of your wardrobe. Make sure the whole thing is empty. Put everything on the floor or bed. You need to clear the decks.

Next, create a reject pile and cast aside EVERYTHING that is:

• Broken

• Stained

• Doesn't fit (and never will).

• Old and tatty

• Dated

• Baggy and shapeless

• You have not worn for a year at least

• Totally not you.

Take a step back and have a really good look at what is left.

What are your clothes REALLY saying about you? Do you like what you hear? Is there anything not reflecting your true personality? If there is, put it on the reject pile.

You are bound to be left with a number of garments you still have doubts about. Try these on, and take a long look in the mirror.

• Does it still fit?

• Is it flattering?

• When did you last wear it? (Honestly)

  • Does it remind you of something in the past?

• If you saw someone else wearing it, would you compliment her?

Ask yourself, is the garment really worthy of being worn by you? If the answer is no, reject it. Be ruthless. From now on, only choose to wear clothes that reflect you at your best.

Let's just stop here and evaluate your cast off pile. How does it feel to be getting rid of this stuff? Take this opportunity to take stock of your appearance, your self-image, and your life. Do not choose to hold on to old clothes you no longer have use for? They are taking up precious space you could be using to expand into your new, beautiful self. If you would like to keep a memory, find something more appropriate: a photo, a piece of jewellery or a letter.

Resolve now to live in the present. Let go of these clothes and make room for your new life.

There may be items you have bought but have never worn, and maybe you feel guilty about these. You won't change that situation by hanging on to them, but just sustain it. Stop beating yourself up with the constant reminder every time you open the wardrobe. Do some good and take them to the charity shop.

Maybe you have lost some weight, but are still hanging on to your "fat clothes." Reject these now, and let go of the temptation to slip back into your old habits. If you do put weight back on, the clothes will probably be out of style, anyway.

Bag up your rejects right now and take them away. No regrets. Look to the future! Go and buy a few items that reflect the new you and you feel comfortable in. Add to these as and when you can afford to.

If you need help, ask a friend who will give you an honest opinion. Or you could work with an image consultant, or work with a coach to get the look and feel of the new you.