New School Term, New Attitude, Right? Wrong!

08/09/2011 23:59 BST | Updated 08/11/2011 10:12 GMT

So it's my second day into Year 11, and already I've come across a few problems:

1. Rumours. Okay, let me go back a bit... So the week before school started, I had my first house party, with my parents out of the house. And with booze. Let's just say, a friend of mine got very drunk and passed out in my shower, with the door locked (what a fun 10 minutes that was!) then after waking up and unlocking the door, dragged me into said shower and got a little too frisky for my liking. This fiasco soon got passed round school like wildfire, and before I know it, people were branding me as "the girl who got with that drunk guy in the shower". And what's worse, the poor guy is not getting so much stick from all his mates about being such a lightweight (it only took him around four beers to get him pissed) that he won't even look me in the eye anymore! Ahh well, I'm sure it'll die down...

2. New teachers. Recently, one of my favourite teachers, who was not only my Religious Studies teacher, but also my head of year, left my school for a new job up north. This means now I have a new RS teacher. Don't get me wrong, she seems nice! She's just what I like to call, a bit of a "n00b" which basically means she's been told the school rules and is planning on following them to a 'T'. Let me give you an example, at my school you have to wear a blazer, and you have to wear it at all times (except in class, where you can take it off). So basically, me and a ton of other people in my class got in before the new teacher and just took our blazers off. When she comes in, she talks about what we'll be learning, her previous teaching background, blah blah blah... Until she stops and says "I've noticed a lot of people in this room are not wearing blazers. I have been informed that you may only take off your blazers once you have asked your teacher. AND DID ANYONE ASK? NO. The next time I see anyone without a blazer on and they hadn't asked, will receive DETENTION." Well, how charming, I thought to myself, you've just lost a whole bunch of respect from me. I mean, honestly! WHO SHOUTS AT YOUR PUPILS WHEN YOU'VE ONLY JUST MET THEM?! If you ask me, that's just a bit ridiculous. But I digress...

3. THE YEAR BELOW. By this I mean, the Year 10 girls. Now, I'm all for wearing makeup and showing off my legs, but CAKING YOUR FACE IN ORANGE CRAP AND WEARING A BELT FOR A SKIRT ISN'T ATTRACTIVE. Well, I don't think it is, but apparently they do... And what really bugs me is, THEY BLOODY WELL GET AWAY WITH IT. I'm not saying ALL of the Year 10 girls dress in this way, most of them don't, but there are a handful who prance around flashing their pants, and the teachers don't even bat an eyelid! It's just a little frustrating, because when I was their age (only a year ago, I know, but still!) I was never allowed to dress in that way! I could rant about this subject all day but there is one last topic I want to talk about.

4. The Year 7s. Sure they're cute and shiny and new, and their bags are WAY too big for their bodies, and don't they just get shorter every year?! But what I (and everyone else in my year) thought particularly unfair was the fact that they don't get any homework for the first two weeks of school. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I was bloody livid. I know they're new and all, but really? TWO WEEKS? The Year 7s already get to leave for lunch 10 minutes earlier than everyone else, so why give them something else they can rub in our faces? I seriously think our headmaster needs to sort out his priorities.

Well, that's seems to be all my scholastic problems (for now) but believe me, there are bound to be more...

Till next time,

Maia x