"Firm guidelines will need to be put in place to protect both child and school," one mum told HuffPost UK, in reaction to the news.
'The award may have resulted in recipients feeling allowed to miss a future day of school.'
"The day we allow ill-discipline to prevail in our schools, we will all be doomed," says Panyaza Lesufi.
For thousands of students exam results day can be a very stressful time. Having helped many young people and their families over the past decade, here are some top tips about what NOT to do on the all-important run up to the day.
The Conservative Manifesto makes reference to the intake of selective schools, but not to the end result of their re-introduction: a two-tier education system within which different children have access to different opportunities, not the 'Great Meritocracy' claimed. For this election, let's remember what the real problems facing education are and focus on what needs to happen to deliver an education system fit for the 21st century to every child.
Teachers and school leaders from across the country are gathering in Manchester this Easter weekend for the Annual Conference
Last month, it was fantastic to read about the finalists of the Global Teacher Prize. What a wonderful set of individuals
How much further can we go before we are forced to admit that continuously saving money could mean we have to rescue education? The conversation must continue, but its focus needs to change. Let's stop talking about cuts and start talking about investment.
Lives today just seem so busy - so many pressures, so many draws on our time. And in the midst of all this, the very idea of how to go about supporting your child's mental health through a challenging time can sound daunting.
Until 2005, all but a few students took a language in Key Stage 4. They were given the opportunity to develop critical thinking