Majority Of Parents Unable To Answer Kids' GCSE Maths Questions, Put Yourself To The Test

Can you answer these five GCSE questions?

The majority of parents are unable to answer GCSE maths questions, a survey has revealed.

More than half of the 2,000 parents surveyed (55%) said they couldn't work out the answers to the sample GCSE maths questions they were given by Your Life, a campaign to get more children doing maths and physics A level.

Upon having their everyday skills put to the test, 49% of parents struggled to calculate how much interest savings would accrue in a year and 60% couldn't help with their child's homework.

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"There is a worrying lack of confidence when it comes to maths skills," Edwina Dunn, Your Life Campaign chair, said.

"As a nation, this is a huge challenge, especially as employers are increasingly looking for people with mathematical prowess."

Also in the survey, four in five parents said they rely on a calculator when doing sums. Six in 10 said they regret not making more effort to get better at maths when they were at school.

Around 70% of parents also admitted they wouldn’t know how to figure out whether they had been taxed properly on their payslip.

We've found five sample GCSE questions from an AQA paper in November 2015. Can you complete them? Let us know in the comments below.

See the rest of the questions from the paper on the AQA website here.

First question:


Second question:


Third question:


Fourth question:


Fifth question:



First question: 37.5%

Second question: Box A

Third question: 20

Fourth question: Top row: 5, 4, 9. Middle row: 16, 35, 51. Bottom row: 21, 39

Fifth question: 36

To see full methods of working out, view the answers here.

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