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The Future of Work: From Worker-Bee to Entrepreneurial Freedom

When it came to jobs, our parents didn't have much choice. Talent was recognised, but being the right person in the right place still meant a lot - though whoever you were, it was mostly a case of filling dead men's shoes... How times change.

The Comedy has become a Tragedy. It's time to go!

When it came to jobs, our parents didn't have much choice. Talent was recognised, but being the right person in the right place still meant a lot - though whoever you were, it was mostly a case of filling dead men's shoes. All of which meant getting to the top was often slow and laborious, but the future of work has changed.

Except for a recession here or there, jobs were as secure as could be, as corporate organisations merged, acquired and just got stronger.

How times change.

Now the tectonic plates that underpin an industry can shift in an instant - markets fragment, customers implode and jobs melt away, all virtually overnight. For some reading this, the writing's on the wall and your name's on it ... you just don't know it yet.

And you want to stay on these shifting corporate sands when you could do - and could be - so much more?

The Future of Work has changed and if you're ready to make the move away from the corporate world, your timing is great, because now is the perfect time to escape the city and make your corporate escape, before you're pushed.

Right now the world's tilting in your favour as we move into 'the age of the New Entrepreneurs', courageous, light on their feet, able to move quickly, with the flexibility and agility to create opportunity while the corporate dinosaurs lumber along towards the tar-pit.

What's more, as business becomes increasingly project-led, the New Entrepreneurs and specialists will swarm quickly together in high-value teams, collaborating, sharing and doing, before peeling apart to start over again elsewhere.

No surprise then that, in a recent study by IBM of 700 global organisations, over half the senior HR officers who were asked to identify future workplace trends declared they would be using more temporary or contingent staff. And that's not simply because in tough conditions there's an understandable reluctance to commit to full-time staff, but just as much because high-performance, outcome-focused individuals, with up-to-the minute knowledge, with new perspectives and no departmental axes to grind, add greater value.

So much so that in this new future or work, business will see the basic unit as the individual, not the corporation. Within 10 years, expect half of us to be self employed - working alone or running small businesses - ready to leverage opportunities as the mass market shatters into more and more niche pieces.

And now, with a little help from fast broadband and Skype, you can work from just about anywhere. By 2020 it's expected that 80% of UK working adults won't be tied to that under-utilised city centre desk, stuck at the end of an hour's commute or more. Instead, they will escape the city and work where and when needed.

That same technology also opens up a world-wide wealth of opportunities for go-getting individuals, the future of work is for those who choose to leave the 'so last century' lure of the corporate life.

Have you got what it takes to make the break to the New Future of Work, and become a New Entrepreneur?

Of course you have.

Working in the corporate world has given you the opportunity to see life in the fast lane - working to targets and detailed processes that ensure you deliver to budget, brief and deadline, time and time again.

Now it's time to redirect your core competencies, add in a few more skills and shift your mindset so it's no longer in corporate mode and you're ready to go ... with just one more thing required in order to join the new future of work ... a structured corporate escape plan. Too late for that, of course, if redundancy has already flung you out of the corporate door, but either way, an organised transition from corporate wage worker-bee to the new future of work and entrepreneurial freedom is always the order of the day.

Not sure how to achieve that?

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By Maite Barón, The Corporate Escape Coach™, author of 'Corporate Escape: the Rise of the New Entrepreneur' and CEO of The Corporate Escape,™ which helps 40+ professionals and executives transition from employee to business owners.

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