07/06/2013 13:24 BST | Updated 07/08/2013 06:12 BST

Did You Know June Is National Microchipping Month?

Microchipping is an essential part of looking after your pet, and throughout the whole of June many vet practices across the UK will be offering discounted microchips, helping both you and your pet celebrate National Microchipping Month.

A microchip is only slightly bigger than a grain of rice, taking just a few seconds to implant into your pet's scruff (loose skin between its shoulder blades). Once your pet is chipped, unique contact details and code are immediately entered into a special database - so if your pet were to go missing and be found by the dog warden, animal shelter or vet, they can be quickly scanned, identified and reunited with you ASAP.

Microchips last the lifetime of your pet and can't be removed easily like collar tags; and as long as your contact details are kept up to date, you'll be reunited with your pet even if he/she is found hundreds of miles away - even abroad.

"But is it really that important to microchip my pet?" I hear some of you ask. Well for such a simple, safe, quick, and relatively inexpensive painless procedure, it can be the difference between seeing your pet again and losing them for good, should they stray, go missing, or - heaven forbid - get stolen.

If your pet does go missing, inform the microchip database immediately which will then then send out alerts to local vets and dog wardens on your behalf.

You may have noticed that there has been a lot of talk about microchipping in the news recently, as the Government has decided microchipping will become compulsory for all dogs in 2016.

My belief is that microchipping is essential and a major part of being a responsible pet owner. By making sure pets are reunited quickly with their owners, we can help to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats in council kennels, rescue shelters, as well as making sure puppies can be traced back to their breeders.

For more information about microchipping or to make an appointment for your pet to be microchipped call your vet today.

Pic: Bonnie the responsibly bred Labrador who came in to see me recently for her microchip