Punchline Challenge: Twitter Steps Up and Delivers

Punchline Challenge: Twitter Steps Up and Delivers

Last week I set my followers a challenge to write a set-up to this punchline:

"It's a drop-in centre"

What began as a whim turned out to be pretty successful, so much so that I thought I'd gather the entries for a post and, even more exciting, I'd make it a weekly thing. So, what weird and wonderful set-ups did the folk of Twitter come up with for "it's a drop-in centre"?

@FemmeDomestique was the first to reply with:

Bought a box of chocolates. I loved the 'Teabag' one; tilt head back, open mouth. It's a drop-in centre.

Nice, has a play on words and anything featuring a box of chocolates is a surefire hit, just look at Forest Gump. Who's next? It's @LilythePurr with:

Parachuted off the roof of my local Citizens Advice Beureau. They weren't best pleased. I'm sorry but it did say, 'drop-in centre'.

Good stuff, a comic misunderstanding of what a drop-in centre is, written by someone who clearly does know the difference. Up next is @JesuisKK:

The new venue for my art class is taking a different tack. It's a drop-in centre.

Short and sweet. By this time the retweets were bringing in a few more, starting with:

@KenArmstrong1: I just made a batch of my 'Attend on an Informal Basis Muffins. They have a...'

You're getting the picture now aren't you? The variations on the theme were fascinating, with people twisting the original line to fit more neatly with their set up:

'Can I help you?'

'My rabbit won't stop pooing.'

'This isn't a vet'.

'Oh drop in centre...'

Well known idioms or quotes often make suitable material for gags and @Ooh_Matron came up with a corker when he tweeted me this:

Timothy Leary rang the council about a venue. They said, 'we've somewhere to turn on, tune in but it's a drop in centre.'

A little bit of satire was snuck in by @TheSarcasticOwl:

'Disneyland!' yelled the children.

'Where are you really taking them?' sighed Mrs. Pickles. Eric smirked.

'It's a drop-in centre!'

@richardsmind took it to the nth degree with:

I walked into a bar, just as a load of other pubs came crashing through the ceiling. It was a drop inn centre.

@rodgernash asked: what is the best way to educate the public in the correct application of eyedrops?

I don't know Rodger, what is the corre- aah, very good Sir.

The very clever @Diversion50 said:

A lot of kids are attendg the Unit.

I'll let that one sink in slowly, like the sweet honey centre of a Locket.

Finally I received what could only be described as several from the ever amusing @Adam_Leedham. By far my favourite was:

What phenomenon creates splash back when you have a shit?

I think we all know the answer now don't we?

Another Punchline Challenge soon. Check the Twitter feed for details.

*Some tweets have been edited and vary from the original to better fit the article.


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