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The Main Aim Of Women In 2017 Should Be To Apply Hillary Clinton's Tweet

I am sure that Hillary's wish would be: May the new year 2017 and the subsequent years bring fairer days for the underprivileged women and girls. This wish should motivate all women's actions.
Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Some days now it is 2017, but 2016 has still its impact in the season of 2016-17. One of the biggest moments of 2016 was US Elections. For me, it was not a battle between two persons, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The procedure signified the fight of the two opposite genders, men and women. The two candidates received enough votes from both male and female US citizens. Hillary won the popular vote and Trump won the electoral vote. Both won, but the US system is such that Trump has to lead America from 2017 and Hillary Clinton's message after the result should remain in all women's minds for the upcoming years, starting from the new one.

At first glance, many could think that men beat women. I heard people saying that the result was that because women hate women more than men hate men. However, I don't assume that this was the reason Hillary lost. Besides, she received about three million more votes than Trump. I reckon that the her loss heralds the threat men will forever feel for the possibility of being governed by a woman in a global perspective. It would be a huge upheaval for them that could subverse the genders' status and have invariably repercussions in men's power over women.

For the most part of humanity, women's history is tainted by inferiority comparing to men and even nowadays there are men who encroach women, especially where the latter are the minority. Hillary provided a hope for women that they could be more respectable in all societies, but this time their chance was missed. There is expectation for the future though if another woman decides to declare herself as a candidate for the US Presidency. Michelle Obama could be in that position, but her intentions currently are uncertain. During the course of humanity there were women who led nations, but only the first female US President could complete the endeavors of women to be totally equal in this world and transcend the boundaries that men had set towards them and still influence community.

Hillary could run again for President, but it is not known whether she has the courage for it. Besides, Trump looks too potent with his acerbic declarations and defiant theses, as a modern orator of gimmicky speeches, even though he appears to follow old-fashioned tactics that right now don't seem entwined with society's aim to go forwards and not backwards. He has stringent views that seemingly belong to the past and don't align with the future. I guess that these were the points of Meryl Streep in her Golden Globes' acceptance speech. Hillary was considered by the majority as a more just person and she showed it with her reaction after the outcome. There is one particular tweet of hers that says it all.

One of the most popular tweets ever on twitter was a Hillary Clinton's one following the US Elections result; it had more than a million likes and transfixed all women and girls: "To all the little girls watching... Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world." This tweet corroborates the unfair treatment towards the young girls. Of course, things nowadays are much better than when Hillary was a little girl, but still not right and this is reflected in her tweet. Girls feel inferior and haven't got the strength to be on the front. Sometimes this is due to their weak personality, but other times men are the ones who don't let them express themselves by keeping them under their subservience, either at work or at home. There are women who are savvy and manage to distinguish in each community, like Hillary, but these are the exceptions. The general rule has been regulated by the misconduct of superior people, mostly men. Many men want women less competent than them. They try to limit and dispirit them if they suspect that women are capable of being superior, because they are dominated by their egoism. Hillary urges women and girls to cease this by apprising them that the solution lies inside themselves; they must have belief in their powers and believe that they can conquer the world.

Hillary was sorely grieved that she lost the elections. She didn't expect it. She also made appearances where her unkempt countenance revealed a Hillary who had lost her zeal to crusade against discords and improprieties. This caused a lot of discussions about its symbolisms. She wanted to show that she is a simple person like most people in this world and she only intended to stand by them and offer justice for them in an unjust world. She wanted to show the flaws in humanity regarding women's rights, because if in the past the mistreatment was overt, now it has become insidious and infernal with women and girls as the victims. I am sure that Hillary's wish would be: May the new year 2017 and the subsequent years bring fairer days for the underprivileged women and girls. This wish should motivate all women's actions.