US election

Reports claim Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell had suggested to colleagues that he supported impeachment of Donald Trump. Senior Republican Liz Cheney, alongside other Republican representatives, said they would support an impeachment vote. The calls for impeachment come after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol. If removed from office, Trump would lose his post-presidential benefits including pension, secret service protection and funding for staff. He would also not be eligible to run in 2024.
Fox News cut away from Donald Trump’s campaign press conference as allegations of voting fraud in the presidential election were outlined. During the broadcast on the Fox News channel, host Neil Cavuto cut away from White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany during her statement on the broadcast.
Labour's Lord Falconer tells HuffPost UK internal market bill could cost Britain a "terrible price" with peers set to defeat government.
Prime minister insists there is "far more that unites than divides us" despite Democrat hostility over his "racist" comments about Obama.
Senator Chris Coons also says the president-elect also has “significant concerns” over Brexit’s impact on the Irish border.
The climate activist picked the perfect moment for her burn.
Like a drunk uncle at a wedding, people are worried Trump will not leave quietly. And the longer the uncertainty continues, the higher anxiety levels will rise.
Here are some of the more controversial winners of election day.
The Grammy-nominated star has spoken out about the US president several times in the past.
Joe Biden took to the stage in Delaware, saying that he was on track to win but for supporters to keep the faith as results rolled in.