Psychologising Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Trump might want to try new things, which renders himself as a more risky option. However, beforehand predictions often fail. In any case, the new President must be supported by everyone and history will decide whether he/she was successful.

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I am not a politics expert. I just trust my intuition taking into account the psychology of things. Therefore, I am not persuaded by facts, but by behaviours. So, I tried to make a conclusion, as to who is the most appropriate candidate for the US Presidency, with this method. I watched some moments of Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's debates, speeches, video messages and social media posts and I will present what I comprehended.

Trump's main tactic is to "attack" Hillary. Hillary also "attacks" Trump, but it seems to me that she does it with much less frequency than he does. Actually, Trump's campaign is based on lowering his opponent as much as he can. Hillary focuses more on her vision for a better society and future. Trump promises to make America wealthy and great again. He also created a video, in which he claims that Hillary wants the presidency only to gain power and money for personal profit. "Hillary Clinton only cares about power, money and herself," is the exact message of Donald Trump. Actually, all these make me believe that Donald Trump is the one that only cares about power, money and himself. Nonetheless, I may be wrong.

I have psychologised Trump as a person who doesn't think twice and speaks without considering how all the things he says will sound to the world. That is why many of his sayings have caused a lot of controversy, such as his comments about women. This is not necessarily bad, because for me, people sometimes express beliefs that are not their own. In fact, this may show that Trump is an honest person. I read the results of a recent ABC poll, which demonstrates that some people state that Trump is more honest (and trustworthy) than Hillary. It might be true, but that doesn't mean that Hillary isn't honest (and trustworthy) at all or less than Trump.

The truth is that both candidates have received a lot of hate from the oppositions, but it seems to me that this is most profound with Hillary Clinton, especially due to the case with the emails. Personally, I find it excessive to always talk about it as a negative characteristic for hers, since the emails' manipulation didn't cause any harm. I do not think that Hillary Clinton did something wrong with those emails. She is a smart person.

In my opinion, the reason that there is a strong war towards Hillary the last couple of days has to to with the fact that she could be the first female US President. In my point of view, the main problem with Hillary is that a lot of men cannot stand that a woman could be the most superior person in the world and it kind of bothers them, even challenges their egoism. Some men probably feel threatened that a woman could be the most powerful person in the world. It is something unusual. About a Century ago, women were considered to be inferior than men and now a possible election of Hillary as the US President could evoke an overturn in the situation. The possibility of women having more power than men in this planet poses a threat to the male gender, something which is reflected in the attempts of defaming Hillary.

As far as Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's own relationship is concerned, as observed during the social media communication, debates and events meetings, Hillary tries to be kind with Trump. She has been referring to him most of the times as Donald. This familiarity shows a sympathy and a respect for him in a personal manner. He prefers to call her Secretary Clinton, while in his tweets he often calls her "Crooked Hillary." This illustrates that he wants to keep her in distance, which sometimes hides a form of disrespect or devalue for someone.

When facing one another in the debates, Hillary looked calmer than Trump and had a smile for every bad thing Trump had to address to her. She had the look of a certain winner of the elections. Her facial expressions revealed an imperturbable gaze. Trump appeared confident and determined, but a little unsure of whether he truly believed his words and his promises; the debate in which he was wandering around, like he was in panic, might be an indication of that.

In summary, I believe that Hillary Clinton is a safer solution for the US Presidency, since she has worked in the government and she was the First Lady Of The United States during her husband's (Bill Clinton) times in the position. She has the experience and she will possibly be more comfortable than Trump as President. Besides, current President Barack Obama supports her, so I think that Hillary will follow the secure philosophy of contemporary strategies. Trump might want to try new things, which renders himself as a more risky option. However, beforehand predictions often fail. In any case, the new President must be supported by everyone and history will decide whether he/she was successful.

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