26/08/2016 11:07 BST | Updated 26/08/2017 06:12 BST

Fear And Detachment

Ever met a dying person? Isn't it surprising to see their lack of fear despite death lurking around the corner to chauffeur them into after life?

The knowledge and acceptance of what is to come leaves no room for fear in a dying person -the immortal fear that punctures the soul but keeps you alive, like a life support system.

Fear breeds on the mystery of the unknown.

After befriending your unconscious, fear creeps into your house, bed, bath and soul, and sometimes it sneaks into your dreams, until it completely hijacks and paralyses the part of you that was born to bloom.

You get used to living the life of a soldier in the dark -armed with nothing but the fear, you aimlessly target here and other, blinded by the darkness.

You accept to live miserably ever after, with fear.

Fear is but an intangible creation of our minds formed by a kaleidoscope of our past experiences, present setting and a calculated imagination of what we perceive is to come.

It's a bubble that we choose to hover over our heads day in and out.

While the past is static and has been developed, the present is moving and in our control.

If we manage to pop the bubble and take control, we open the door to a world unknown -the greens look greener, the sunshine warms us deep within and our world gets bigger with everything that adds value to our life.

Every day becomes a miracle.

We start making the make the most of what is here and now.

We stop caring about the melting ice cream on our dress or the passerby whose holy silence was broken by the glee in our child's laughs.

We close down the tiring and overly exhausting business of persistently trying to please, needlessly soaking away people's responsibilities and mistakes, elevating everyone outside of our self and leaving us exhausted and sick.

We stop saying 'yes'. Yes I'll be there.. Yes I can do that.. Yes I can call you.. Yes you can have this... Yes I'm sorry.. Yes Yes Yes...Tirelessly saying yes after the other, hoping the power of love can melt hearts, move mountains, yabadabadoo while people sit on the sidelines frowning at you with a lens shaped by their own bias.

Knowledge of the debilitating power of fear and its handicap might not bring world peace but it will definitely bring inner peace.

Detaching from fear with love will allow you to find yourself, and live a life worth living.