01/07/2014 12:19 BST | Updated 31/08/2014 06:59 BST

The Summer of Sport - A Game of Two Halves

So here we are at the half way point of the Summer of Sport and after so much promise, the first half has been exciting but with some very poor results. I think there have been enough column inches devoted to the England Football performance in Brazil without me adding anything more that's meaningful. Except that the anticipation, the hope and the flashes of brilliance shown in the first match, gave the whole country something to be really excited about. It gave us all a glimpse of some world class players in our own squad; Raheem Sterling, Luke Shaw and Ross Barkley, all names to watch in the coming Premier League season. But ultimately, it was disappointing for British football to see our team put up against the best in the world and just not cutting it.

Having gotten over the team's performance, and it was surprising to see how much emotion the country had invested in the competition there has been plenty to enjoy with the other matches. Costa Rica, Algeria, Nigeria and even Switzerland getting through to the knock out rounds still gives me a thrill (I still find myself rooting for the underdog) I'm really looking forward to the next stages and you just know that the new names we are seeing on our screens from these teams will be household names in the Premier League in the next couple of years.

But let's not beat ourselves up too badly, it wasn't just us... Italy, Spain and Portugal all went home early so there is much for other European teams to examine but still a lot more good football to watch.

We are now entering the second week of Wimbledon and as always the quality of the tennis in the first week hasn't disappointed. I was in the Royal Box on Saturday (Big, big thanks to the LTA!) and treated to great play from Nadal, Sharapova (God, she's noisy!) and Roger Federer, which was just class all the way. Plus, I got to meet David Beckham. No matter how old I get, I'm still a sports fan and he is up there as one of the best sportsman this country has ever produced. Not just in how he played but as an ambassador for football and sport in general. Top bloke!

Highlight of the day, having tea with Ian Poulter and his wife Katie.

I got to talk sport, golf, fashion, weather, cars etc and my mum caught up on the NHS - well, they were both nurses in a former life.

So the second half of the summer of sport promises to be much better. We have this second week of Wimbledon and Andy Murray is still in with a good shout and playing really well and there will be great matches to come between the giants of the game.

However, for me the highlight of this second half will be the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later in the month. I am hosting the first week with Clare Balding and Becky Adlington and this will be a great showcase for world swimming. I know the Chinese and the Americans won't be attending, but there is still a world class field and everyone will be demonstrating what they have been doing since 2012.

Swimming still remains my passion and seeing all the new stars emerging on the world stage, still gives me a big buzz and great to back with Clare and Becky, so the rest of the summer is looking very good.

I will provide a running commentary on the progress of the Games so watch this space.

So for now, its armchair sports in the coming weeks but I can always be dragged away for rounds of golf and I must get in training for my first triathalon in August.