FIFA World Cup

Spain's Jennifer Hermoso later said she "didn't like" the kiss, which has been criticised as sexist and inappropriate.
Nouhaila Benzina wore a hijab on the pitch, a world first for such a senior female footballer.
The prize for the 2018 Men’s World Cup stood at $400 million (£319m), while female players will receive $30 million (£24m) this year.
The difference between prize money for men and women is stark.
The Brazilian superstar's career is a testament to what's possible in women's football — and also a reminder of how little attention the sport still receives.
Amongst the positivity and optimism for our football team, I am really worried for the volume of gambling adverts on television
Two men died while celebrating the 4-2 victory over Croatia.
As my mind goes back to the field with these men flopping about as they hold onto their leg or their hand, I can’t help but laugh