26/06/2013 13:20 BST | Updated 26/06/2013 13:20 BST

The Best and Best of Glastonbury

Well who can believe it's that time already where wellies are being packed and waterproof ponchos purchased - though mercifully it looks like we might not get drenched this year. Fingers crossed.

Glastonbury is for me, like for so many others, a wonderful journey through the landscape of music and experience, a time when the best comes out in people and something truly extraordinary happens. I'm a bit of a veteran these days, with too many memories to mention, though I do recall at my first ever festival standing in the stone circle field with the old perimeter picket fence lying flattened on the ground and people without tickets pouring over it... the desire to be a part of it is still there, people just come through the front gates these days.

The Glastonbury legend has grown for a reason - it just has the best bands and the most beautiful site - and I know this is a cliché - but with the Tor in the background there is something deeply mystical and spiritual about it. There just is. And the effort they put in to make it all look amazing is incredible. It's like nothing else.

This year is looking to be as cracking as ever with an exceptional line-up of musicians. I am particularly looking forward to catching The Stones of course and I'm really looking forward to hanging out at the Park Stage where the likes of Stealing Sheep will be very much on my radar. At the end of the day though, what's so great about this festival and what I enjoy every year is being surprised by people I didn't know - or didn't know were that good!

We're very lucky, us Brits, with the sheer amount of musical talent found within our shores and Glastonbury showcases this year after year, and not just to the UK - but to the world. It's an iconic British event - one that draws together a global gathering of the clans for anyone who loves music and also wants to escape from the rules and regulations of everyday life. And that's pretty much all of us right?

This year the BBC has gone bigger on Glastonbury than ever before, with an incredible range of coverage across radio, TV, digital and red button, so check to see what's going on. I'm also delighted we're taking Glastonbury to the world like never before, broadcasting the festival's highlights across the BBC's international channels.

BBC Entertainment will be bringing Glastonbury to music fans in South Africa, the Nordics, Poland, Latin America and Asia while our broadcast will also be seen in Australia and New Zealand care of UKTV - what an incredible opportunity to get everyone in on the action! They'll be camped out in their lounges enjoying their own festival experience, albeit with better toilets.

There is this incredible sense of privilege when presenting Glastonbury and certainly on the saturday night you really do feel the whole world is watching and it is a magical feeling. I'll be working hard to translate to our audiences both in the UK and around the world the amazing mix of sights, sounds, smells and the size of it. It is overwhelming for the novice and I just hope every year that we are saying to people - "yes, there are great bands on but the most important thing to know is that this is fairyland."