Mark Radcliffe

Mark and Stuart Maconie's show was moved to weekend mornings at a time when he was still receiving treatment.
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Glastonbury is for me, like for so many others, a wonderful journey through the landscape of music and experience, a time when the best comes out in people and something truly extraordinary happens. I'm a bit of a veteran these days, with too many memories to mention, though I do recall at my first ever festival standing in the stone circle field with the old perimeter picket fence lying flattened on the ground and people without tickets pouring over it... the desire to be a part of it is still there, people just come through the front gates these days.
The film sidestepped the easy, light viewing sensibility that can bedevil this sort of material, to deliver ninety weighty minutes of insightful statistics, compelling acuity, bitter honesty and some comic relief.