26/01/2015 05:28 GMT | Updated 25/03/2015 05:59 GMT

In The Market For A Breast Pump?

Have you ever wondered what good we do working in the marketing and advertising industry?
Ok, I understand that creatives have more of a burning, calling to the industry as they can express themselves but what about us suits, the account people, the new biz developers?

It's always been a bit of a conundrum to me thinking I should probably be out there with my degree in rocket science resolving famine, arresting criminals, operating on people or doing some other highly meaningful job.

The truth is that I always wanted to sit on a beach renting surfboards and towing people behind a nice ski boat. Keeping fit, developing a mahogany tan, and watching the sunset every evening;

However, this was not to be. No, I was destined for much greater things. I was to make cold calls for a living! Lucky me.

Well, actually I have been lucky.

Despite the highs and inevitable lows of being a business developer for the last 20 years, I've not only managed to create a great team since 2000 but we've also changed the way our clients think about how to open doors from cold. And trust me, making calls is only the start!

What's been most enjoyable about the journey so far though is the variety of personalities I've had the pleasure to meet in Marcoms and B2B in general over the years.

Tall ones, short ones (some with 'short man syndrome'), boring ones, enlightening ones, fat ones, thin ones, ex hospital radio DJ ones, trendy ones... The list goes on.

What they've all had in common is the desire to create things that make people do something, buy something, click on something or eat something.

I think it's fascinating how many ideas people come up with through words, design and video that actually stand out. That said, much of the TV advertising we see isn't inspiring. It's wham bam thank you ma'am kind of stuff that doesn't showcase the creativity of the kinds of people I've met over the years.

So what's happening? Where is all the creativity going and what are they producing?

Well the fact is that TV seems to present the least of the creative opportunities in this country. There are still some great ads, but not enough of them. I think a lot of creative talent is being applied to thinking about how to interact with consumers in a way that resonates and makes them feel included.

And that's what's so refreshing. Marketing in general is becoming more directed at the individual, their likes and habits. This personalisation can sometimes go wrong though.

Just because I buy a Pink Floyd album it doesn't mean I take acid so don't spam me with psychedelic albums from the seventies.

Just because I buy a bed - it doesn't mean that I automatically need a chest of drawers, a bedroom suite or a new house.

Just because I buy a toy for a mate's baby doesn't mean I'm in the market for a breast pump.

But this personalisation is improving and becoming more sophisticated and that enables some incredible thinking and creativity that will change the way we have relationships with brands forever.

A few years ago wearable technology was a bit of a laugh. A jacket that heats up, and cools down a phone in a watch and the like were all in the zone of the hover board. But hey presto, now there is a hover board and a pair of trainers that do themselves up.

So onwards we go into a generation of creative, digital thinking that should be fun for both the brands and the consumers but just an idea...

Let's see Ridley Scott back making TV Commercials.