12/03/2015 13:30 GMT | Updated 12/05/2015 06:59 BST

Who Runs the World?

Petrified Collection via Getty Images

"Who runs the world? Girls. Who runs the world? Girls." With 75million record sales as a solo artist and placing No.1 on the Forbes' Celebrity Power List I'm not inclined to disagree with the queen of R&B, Beyoncé Knowles.

But here in the UK, she's just plain wrong; we're not running the world. Or running the UK. In fact, we're not even getting our voices heard.

At the last election 9.1million women didn't vote. To put that in perspective, that's more than all the women and girls in London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast not voting. And it's getting worse over time. Since 1992, the number of 'missing' female voters has risen by 78%. We need to change this.

It's why we've set up the RegistHERtoVote campaign - and it's why I'm asking you now to join us - to get more women voting.

We all know why women should vote. Because we all know everyone should vote. Unless you make your voice, your opinion, your needs heard no-one will ever listen. But I don't want to lecture people - on International Women's Day - about their hard-won electoral rights. We want to make the political parties understand why this should matter so much to them.

Women aren't just half the population. We are the people who, on the whole, are most likely to have genuinely experienced and cared about both public services and the health of our economy. We are the great undecided. While only a quarter of men are still unsure about who they will vote for, 35% of women still don't know. Our votes are up for grabs - much more than those of Mondeo man, white van man or any other breed of man you choose to invent a moniker for.

Over the next 60 days - right up until the registration deadline - we'll be campaigning to persuade women to make sure they have the right to vote on 7 May. It's not that women are the only people who matter. Obviously not. But that is our focus. So much credit is due to organisations - from Facebook to Bite the Ballot to the #NoVoteNoVoice tour and the #EmilyMatters campaign, to Grazia and the Huffington Post and to hardworking activists up and down the country. All of whom are playing their huge part in making politics relevant, personal and urgent to potential voters. But it does matter that women's voices are heard loud and clear.

So today, I am asking (pleading) with you to please (pretty please!) sign up to our pledge. Sign our pledge to vote and to encourage five of your friends to register to vote. Go on...

This is set to be the closest election in living memory. We don't know what the result will be but we do know that every vote really does matter. What better chance to show how powerful we can be? And what better chance to show that Beyoncé Knowles is in fact right. We do run the world.

Love your vote on the 7 May, so you don't hate the result on the 8th.

Martha Dalton is co-founder of the RegistHERtoVote campaign and a founding partner and Director of Lodestone Communications