Feminism only has a bad reputation among those who don't understand it, and so the choice is as follows: do we make a concession to people who don't like the word, by rebranding it as "gender equality"; or, do we insist that people educate themselves before criticising the movement - and thus reclaim the word Feminism for what it really stands for?
At the last election 9.1million women didn't vote. To put that in perspective, that's more than all the women and girls in London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast not voting.
So, where does that leave a mother who wishes to stay at home and raise her family? Between a party who loathes them, a party who patronises them and a party who ignores them.
Against the odds, she completed primary school and moved to Côte d'Ivoire's second largest town, Bouaké, to become secretary to a local pharmacy and learn business administration.
Having someone who you can bounce ideas off of, and someone who can give you feedback and insight from experience is important. Both men and women have a role to play as mentors and sponsors.
Wherever you look women are breaking through, and they are changing perceptions about what women are and what women can do. They are defying convention, expectation and criticism to pursue their dreams, reach their potential and enrich their life experience.
Through these three programmes, WBFA and I have intervened to assist with out-of-pocket medical bills and the cost of specialist healthcare for patients in need. However, we have found that this model, whilst successful, is ultimately unsustainable.
Because of entrenched cultural values, these women don't often feel empowered to seek medical help to have FGM reversed, or even to challenge the system and end up perpetrating the same violence on their daughters. The only way to break the FGM cycle is through education and engagement with the communities that still practice it.
My advice to any woman, no matter what point in their career or personal journey, is to aim high - aim as high as the limits of what you can imagine you're capable of. If you can imagine something, then you should just go for it.
My first item would be that post International Women's Day we celebrate our differences, whether you are a homemaker or a CEO, that both in turn are celebrated; with neither one being coined or portrayed as less than.