13/01/2016 12:30 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Why LDN Muscle's New Advert Isn't Putting Body Pressure on Men

LDNMuscle is about promoting changes towards a healthier lifestyle, but in a realistic and sustainable fashion, to allow long term progress in regards to body composition, fitness and general health and well-being.

We are not alike to the fitness persons covered in varnish-coloured tan, the size of a house, declaring you cannot drink alcohol, go out for a night on the town or eat the occasional McDonald's but rather you must suffice on bland meals whilst dedicating two hours to the gym per day and consuming any number of expensive supplements to 'look this good'.

We all have full-time jobs and run LDNM alongside these as well as making time for the gym, climbing, cycling and or football for 6-10 hours per week- so we know and understand the struggle to maintain a structured and effective training and eating routine within a normal person's already demanding lifestyle.

If anyone was to read through our blog you would find articles about body-image, about not getting down over a rocky period, about achieving a work-life-training balance, and about introducing family and friends to fitness- you wouldn't find one that could even nearly be considered body-shaming, period.

Simply having a peruse through our Twitter or Instagram feeds for the last two years would allow anybody with common-sense to see how we dedicate time consistently to helping people with issues surrounding training and nutrition to improve their health and aesthetics.

We answer questions with evidence-based and practical advice, and encourage people to stay in touch and drop us a message whenever they are in need of assistance. Not once has any member or associate of LDNM made a comment pressurising an overweight person to slim down, or even a slight person to find the nearest eatery and gorge themselves.

We have even openly provided regular commentary about photo-shopped celebrities pushing ineffective fad diets and products such as detox teas, juice diets, raspberry ketones, aloe vera cleanses, waist trainers or meal replacement shake diets, detailing how each one is not a wise investment and should be avoided. We only promote safe and sustainable methods to improve health, achieve goals and in turn, we hop, to improve one's body image and self-confidence over time.

This is far more optimal than losing a stone in two - three weeks on a minimal calorie, maximal exercise tea detox, only to put the same weight and some back on over time when you return to normal eating, which we feel is more detrimental to body image than our tube advert could be even if the message was perceived incorrectly by a minority of people.

Ultimately we see no issue with our tube advert for our company and market-leading transformation guides, and encourage anyone who does to contact us directly via social media so we can better understand their views!

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