body shaming

The 21-year-old is "physically attracted" to women, loves helping them connect through her music — and is tired of people shaming them.
Your comments and questions for moms-to-be can be hurtful — even when they're well-intentioned.
Fans of the Bad Guy singer came to her defence after a hater criticised the way she looked in a paparazzi photo.
"We don”t all have a sense of superiority that burns 35,000 calories a day”.
The 'Mission Mangal' actress didn't hold back while speaking about body-shaming.
Taking photos of women without their consent is harassment - so why hasn't Facebook closed the group?
'Do they realise what they’re doing to people's mental health?'
Some of the comments are from husbands and boyfriends.
'I urge us all, as females, to see it for what it is.'