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What Are You Thankful For?

Although Thanksgiving is an American holiday, I think it's imperative for everyone to think about what is important.

In the lead up to Thanksgiving, the question that springs to most people's lips is 'what are you thankful for?'

This year, I thought I was thankful for my new ice cream maker which allows me to make delicious ice cream and then Instagram the photo, showing all of my friends just how talented my cooking skills really are.

Now I feel a slight pang of guilt considering it was delivered by the overworked and underpaid Amazon folk.

Let's reconsider. Last week, I got a shiny new iPhone 5s. I'm incredibly thankful that it recognises my fingerprint, which means the four digit number which took so long to enter is now redundant.

I'm thankful that when I have an outrageous question, Siri is instantaneously on hand to answer (last week, I wanted to know what the most photographed place in the world is, and found out within 20 seconds). Information overload - what's that?

I'm thankful that at any given moment I can find out what any of my friends are doing at any given time due to the enormous amount of apps that allow 24 hour communication (Whatsapp, Gmail chat, Facebook chat amongst so many others).

I'm thankful that when I hear a great song on the radio or on TV, I never have to question who it's by again. I simply 'Shazam' it.

I'm thankful that this year I won't have to do any of my Christmas shopping on the high street, rather order online - saving copious amounts of time and energy (who cares about the potential loss of retail sector job opportunities).

Most importantly, I am thankful that very soon, when I am feeling bored of responding to my friends; Google will have patented a robotic device to formulate sentences which 'sound like me'. So from now on, I no longer even have to think for myself - Google can do it.

Hang on a second; of course I'm not really that shallow.

I'm thankful I am happy and healthy. I'm thankful I have a great job with a huge wealth of potential opportunity. I'm thankful I have a supportive group of friends, both in the UK and Stateside. Most importantly, I'm thankful for my incredible family who provide so much for me.

Although Thanksgiving is an American holiday, I think it's imperative for everyone to think about what is important.

With an abundance of technology at our finger tips (literally), I often think we lose sight of what really matters - and this week is a great time for everyone (albeit American, English, Brazilian, South African, Indian - you get my point) to reflect on that.

Have you thought about it?

Go on then, you know you're just DYING to tweet your response using #whatIamthankfulfor.