Professor Sarah Gilbert pointed to what happened in the US after Thanksgiving.
The American rapper explained she'd "spent so much money" getting her guests tested for the virus.
Reddit users aren't messing around with their reworkings of the president's Thanksgiving scene.
Writing in The New York Times, Francis chastised governments that ignored "mounting deaths" and warned about other "unseen viruses" such as climate change.
“It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede,” the president said in combative remarks between a bevy of falsehoods.
"Thought this pic was photoshopped, but nope, just hilariously symbolic!" one Twitter user commented on the president's tiny desk that became a meme.
A doctor on the front lines of the health crisis called what normally is a routine presidential proclamation a "slap in the face."
Trump as a turkey? Turkey with a mask on? Yes and yes.
The vice president-elect clearly knows her brines.