5. No one knowing what a pumpkin pie is.  11. At least you don’t have to fight your siblings for the last bit of stuffing
Yams, parade and Presidential pardons for poultry may not mean that much over this side of the pond but in the USA, Thanksgiving
This holiday is arguably the most enjoyable of all celebrations in the US. There's just something about indulging in a never-ending meal (literally...we usually have leftovers until I swear off turkey for another year) in the company of family and close friends.
Expressing gratitude in our lives is something we can so easily forget to do, especially whenever our focus gets stuck on what is going wrong, rather than appreciating what is going right.
If you are feeling overwhelmed this holiday season, you are in good company. Having recently survived the Thanksgiving rush in the US, I am now running around London feeling the heat all over again. Several acquaintances and friends are feeling the tension, too.
So it's Thanksgiving, and we're sailing well as a team through incredibly unpredictable wind shifts and patterns. We're sailing hard and fast but the important thing, the thing that keeps us pushing forward strong is that we're sailing as a team.
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The challenge for a lot of us is that we try to use gratitude as a tool, to avoid, or distract ourselves from the other emotions we're feeling and experiencing. In short, to make ourselves feel better when we're really feeling something else instead.