06/05/2016 07:37 BST | Updated 06/05/2017 06:12 BST

Cultivating a Mind-Body Harmony

Today I came across a quote that really spoke to me:

"Living from your true nature is the same thing as doing something worthwhile with your life"

In our global community, stress and anxiety are two of common disorders which affects people on all levels from daily life, to work, to relationships and one way which people actively seek to alleviate nervousness is by establishing a robust mind-body relationship. It is difficult to see past our own anxieties since they a learned part of our environment stemming from our inability to live in the moment and accept challenges that are part and parcel of life. It is common knowledge that life presents a series of challenges, but we are ill-equipped to deal with them and it less commonly known how crucial a mind-body relationship is in the creation of a harmonic life.

According to quantum physics, matter and energy are the same thing at an atomic level and since emotions are usually stronger than physical sensations, the frequency of your feelings is what creates a physical counterpart. All in all, your body is like a radar for antennae and shifts energy to the frequency of your feelings. Basically, negative thoughts can create (physiologically) negative experiences. How you feel internally is often projected onto your experiences so it is necessary to train yourself to live a reality through wholesome lens rather than a self-destructive one. Developing a mind-body harmony is a synergy between the two most fundamental elements in your life.

Ancient hermetic texts have spoken of how the mind is a swinging pendulum which can change from condition to condition, state to state and this has a twofold effect on the body. The regular fluctuation of emotions takes its toll on our responsiveness state since the projection of emotional concepts can be mentally draining. Second, if our thoughts have an instantaneous effect on our physical state, we can control our constant bodily reactions by restraining the mind and exercising mental power. Mind-body harmony places the subject in his/her true nature. There is no use in trying to make gains in material happiness if the intangible connection between the mind and body is left un-cultivated.

Wise men and women mould their characters. Stress has physiological effects on the body and dampens the interaction we have with our true nature. We need a strong foundational basis for our mental health and mind-body harmony provides us with exactly that. Physical exercise and nutrition is proven to reduce mental intoxication through releasing endorphins in the body making us happier. When I do yoga, I am mindfully meditating using my body as a force of expressive energy. I feel more in control of my cognitive state and my anxieties suddenly seem so small and trivial. Studies show that people who are exposed to nature feel less depression and insomnia as a result. Environment clearly breeds conditioning.

What one must do is cultivate a rich harmony between our mental and physical states in order lead less disruptive lives. Jumping from guilty, shame, fear and anxiety is mentally and physically exhausting. Often our fear of emotions is what creates the emotion itself. i.e. fear of fear. One problem solving method is the use of essential oils which I have tested to decrease stress and improve moods. The healing value of essential oils is also maximised when they are blended (I use it for insomnia). Restraining negative thoughts is key in enabling empowerment. If you want have control over your body, learn to control your mind first. Learning to take deep breaths through contracting the diaphragm is a practical way of maintaining a level-headed rhythm. Another way is using singular focus when exercising and focusing purely on the physical activity and nothing else. This clears the mind and frees up the prefrontal cortex.

In a world that values speed and effectiveness above all else, take a moment to stop, pause and ask yourself if you have a mind-body harmony.