15/10/2013 07:56 BST | Updated 14/12/2013 05:12 GMT

What is Mindfulness Banking? The Rise of the Modern Leadership Style

It's again the time of the year for the "performance conversation" and I can't avoid thinking about how much an immediate change is needed. Shawn Anchor explains in his TED Talk that 75% of job successes are predicted by our optimism levels, our social support and the ability to see threats as a challenge rather than as a threat. For me this is a big why we should start changing our focus in the corporate world.

The number of colleagues, friends and people in corporates who suffer from stress, fatigue, dissatisfaction at work is just enormous and on the rise! Anxiety, insomnia, overweight, lack of energy and passion for life those are just some of the symptoms I see as a raising trend. According to research from the Health and Safety Executive approximately 40% of all work related illnesses are stress related. My views are IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY; IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE!

I've worked in Financial Services for over seven years now, my dream of what I used to call success came true... I did my postgraduate studies in one of the best Universities in the world, graduated with Distinction, Secured myself a job in a Big Corporate & well respected Brand, got my work awards and then moved on to the next Big Corporate Brand, and once again... got my award & was rated as a high performer... and I'm so grateful I've achieved so much! and that I've reached success as society painted it for me, I really am! But for me that's not all career success is about

This "successful corporate living" has opened my eyes to a big world of possibilities; that is why after a couple of years of this called "achieved success" I started wondering.... and I truly believe we can do better!

How about starting focusing in measuring performance based on wellbeing, balance, job satisfaction, happiness, contribution, collaboration and genuinely caring for people growing and developing to achieve their potential? Arianna Huffington is doing a great job with the Third Metric Movement. If we start introducing these terms to the Corporate world we can create the so needed change, improve people's lives and as a consequence improve the company's performance...

Let's introduce a new Leadership style: Mindfulness Style

How about Mindfulness Banking... Mindfulness Consulting... Mindfulness Law...


So what is this so called Mindfulness that is so "In" & "Fashionable" among busy, successful professionals? : )

For me mindfulness is the art of loving your life! Loving today with it's pros and cons, having a balance and creating an exciting joyous life : ) I looked for a couple of definitions of Mindfulness, this is the one I like most

"Mindfulness is the practise of staying in the moment, spending more time present to ourselves, and our surroundings. Not trying to change things but trying instead to accept the way that things are for better or for worse"

There are several ways how we can achieve Mindfulness at work. One of them is focusing on the positive and replacing stress with Wellbeing, Health & Peace of Mind. According to Anchor the happy secret to better work is Positivity; if we can raise somebody's level of positivity in the present, then the brain experiences what we call a "happiness advantage" increasing productivity by 31%, he explains.

So my challenge for you this week is... EMBRACE HAPPINESS at work; embrace Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Positivity.

You can use these simple but powerful tips and implement them in your life:

1. Take a water break

2. Do a 5 min walk around the floor, if the weather is nice, take the time to go out and breath fresh air!

3. Say hi to people you don't know, after all you see them at work... if too risky...

4. Smile when you take a phone call, people do notice your emotional state in your voice

5. Bring your best self to work! No need to separate the amazing human being you are to just bring the serious face at work, believe me, that's killing you! And the company as well!

Let me know how it goes and any questions you may have,

For a better workplace & fulfilled life,

With love,

Monica :)

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