Currently, the entire FTSE-100 gets only one leader of colour every eight years.
If I had to pick one word to describe the journey of being in management and leadership as a black woman, I’d go with “lonely."
The power houses blazing a trail in UK businesses
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Drawing on Mandela's legacy, Obama can help the world better understand the nature of the threats to all democratic experiments.
When the going gets tough, sports stars get grounded. They pull together and rely on one another's talents to turn the situation around. Perhaps that's the big lesson corporates need to learn.
'It is important South Africans make an honest self-introspection and encourage their leaders to retire or resign at the age of 60.'
'Even if he’d done nothing at all, Ramaphosa stood to benefit from any comparison with his deeply unpopular predecessor.'
There is also a systemic question that needs to be posed: are our provinces in their current form economically sustainable?
The upward trend of amending or abolishing constitutional term limits is likely to increase if organisations like the A.U. don’t deal with the problem.
Since Khama's retirement, as a matter of reflection, I have pondered his legacy numerous times.