23/09/2015 08:16 BST | Updated 22/09/2016 06:12 BST

We Need a Better Solution Than Merely Accepting Refugees

The international community, especially those countries that are considered to be developed and notably prominent members of UN Security Council, has a greater responsibility towards helpless Syrian refugees. Although a benevolent and applauded act, admitting refugees into their respective borders and offering food and shelter does not resolve the issue at hand. Rather what is more important is to help putting an end to the calamitous turmoil in Syria.

Lately, we have witnessed with our own very eyes a huge incursion of refugees, rushing through the frontiers of some European nations, in an effort to find safe havens in the core of Europe, particularly France and Germany. These individuals were harassed, jolted, and often shot at. Infants, young children, the elderly--all have left their war-torn homes to search for refuge.

It is without a doubt that the entire international community is observing closely the unraveling catastrophes. Many of those countries have clearly denounced these refugees while others have welcomed them with open arms. An estrangement has even emanated among some of these countries, and several politicians have argued that the refugees are being dealt in a manner similar to Nazi Germany towards Jews historically.

The most important, yet missing, point that many of these countries are apparently turning deaf ear to deal with is the root of the dilemma -- the continuous inhumane behavior of the Bashar al Assad's regime towards his own people. It cannot be denied that Assad is the fundamental factor behind the decisions of many to leave their home country to far-away places like Europe. His forces are barraging villages and towns in plain sight of the international community from which we hear little condemnation.

The implications on the many numbers of refugees from Syria will be witnessed in years to come when a young Syrian population, dispersed all over, grows older and realises that nobody lifted a finger to remove their sorrows. These future generations will be ferocious towards all others, friends, or foes. The agony being planted upon these displaced individuals is dreadful. Unsuccessful attempts to cross the seas in tiny and unsafe barges, nearly on the brink of sinking. Many have also lost their loved ones to watery graves. Few have weathered the storm, just to succumb unwelcoming receptions. These stories have unfortunately not been reported by the most influential of international media.

Our moral responsibility is not only to find solutions for these refugee problems. Instead, what we must do is to find genuine and robust solutions to put an end to the horrendous conflict that Syrians are facing.

It is very unfortunate that most of the statements coming from the world's superpowers are superficial. They frequently discuss the numbers of refugees to be allowed in over a number of years. Many, however, find this disheartening. What must be done is to regard the dilemma as a world catastrophe, and no country should be permitted to carry out carnage against its populations.

Different means can be taken against Bashar al Assad's government in Syria. The International Court of Justice should be involved, as well as many other organisations. Those who are liable should be shamed and brought to justice.

Nobody can deny that the conflict in Syria involves different global interests of regional and world powers, but it also cannot be denied that the humanitarian cost is prodigious. The antipathy that has encountered this conflict to date will never be forgiven by the sufferers. Many Western policy makers frequently tried to put the blame on Syria's neighboring governments, but it seems that they turn blind eye to the realities of nearly 3 million Syrians currently residing in those states.

It is difficult to see when all of this is going to end, but one thing has to be made clear: as long as Assad remains, the number of deaths, homeless, and displaced will continue to grow. The world community must acknowledge, once and for all, that the end of this humanitarian crisis depends on an end to the Assad government.