Today Marks Six Years Since The Syrian Conflict Began

15/03/2017 17:34 GMT | Updated 16/03/2018 09:12 GMT
JOSEPH EID via Getty Images

When the first peaceful protests took to the streets of the southern Syrian city of Deraa in March 2011, no one could have predicted the complex and bloody war that would erupt in the country.

Six years on, Syria is besieged by on ongoing conflict that involves government forces, hundreds of rebel groups and has drawn in regional and world powers. It has pitched Syria's Sunni majority community against the oppressive Assad Government. And the twisted terrorist Daesh, has been playing a destructive role in the region for the last decide, has had a sinister dimension to the war by fueling sectarian tensions - targeting innocent civilians in-particular to divide the communities that have lived together.

The suffering of the Syrian people is unthinkable. An estimated 11 million Syrians have fled their homes and 13.5 million are in need of humanitarian assistance.

British and international charities are working on the ground in Syria to provide emergency assistance and bring hope for a brighter future by launching education and livelihood initiatives.

Faith-based charities from all major religions are in Syria, collaborating with a shared aim: to help our fellow human beings in desperate need, regardless of faith or sect.

The British public has been enormously generous in donating money to fund the life saving work of charities.

There's no doubt that the Syrian conflict has divided people based on religion, faith and belief. But it has also brought many people together as the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII.

As Brit's we stand to continue to welcomes Syrian refugees who have been forced to flee their homeland, faith institutions stepped up to help fellow human beings in desperate need.

One story involved a number of mosques in east London which came together during Christmas 2015 to raise money for Syrian child refugees. They donated £2,500 raised by Muslim worshippers during Friday prayer collections to the children's charity Barnardo's to help ensure the right support is in place for vulnerable young people who arrive in the UK having fled Syria.

Another recent account tells of a synagogue in South London, which has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £50,000 to refurbish a disused caretaker's flat within the building into a habitable, two-bedroom apartment. Once complete, The South London Liberal Synagogue, which calls itself 'a lively Jewish community in the heart of South London', hopes to provide a home for a Syrian refugee family.

People of all faiths and none have been generously donating to charities.

The Charity Commission states that it is estimated that British Muslims gave approximately £100 million to charitable causes during the month of Ramadan in 2016 which equates to approximately £38 a second. Much of this money was directed to help Syrians in desperate need.

It is a fitting response.

As the horrors continue in Syria and fighting is focused on religious and sectarian lines, it is vital that faith groups come together to help those most affected.

This sends a powerful message that we are not a divided people but stronger when we work together in times of crisis.