02/07/2013 09:54 BST | Updated 01/09/2013 06:12 BST

Accepting a Comedian


It's that time again. A couple of thousand people in the U.K have made the decision to talk about funny things for an entire hour in front of strangers, in preparation to talk for an hour every day in the month of August in front of other strangers.

After three years, I still question why I do this. But hasn't it been suggested time and time again, that us "funny people" are there just trying to be accepted?

Being, or even just feeling accepted by strangers is important in the "now". But I can't help but wonder, when I'm 85, sat in my mansion like Mrs Haversham, sipping on my vodka martini smelling of cat's urine, am I really going to care about being accepted by people who mean nothing to me? Probably not. So why do we feel the need to explain ourselves NOW?

Perhaps it's all down to love and relationships. Potential partners and romantic adventures. At the end of the day, that's what we are here for. That's what life is all about when you really think about it. And feeling accepted and part of society, makes us comedians (or probably anyone in the artists' world) be part of the norm to find that in life. The beauty of everyday people who can find someone they love just enough to spend Christmas day with.

I have lost count how many times I have met a guy and he automatically assumes I'm only going on a date with him because I want to get some juicy stories to add to my comedy set. Words fail me when I try to explain how frustrating that is. Has it occurred to anyone that I'm on a date, because I'm looking for love? Like a person who cuts hair for a living, or teaches kids their ABC, or a person wearing a silly hat arresting a murderer? Oh, I have also forgotten how many times a guy has said these words to me - "You are not girlfriend material because your job is a MANS job" wow! I didn't know that female fire fighters were all spinsters and virgins. Ignorance isn't always bliss after all.

So until I'm understood by society and maybe that special person who comes into my life, I go back on that stage telling strangers about my pain and anguish whilst hoping at the same time I make them laugh AND to feel accepted - at the same time. And some people think being a comedian is just telling a joke. ( rolls eyes )

I guess this month's blog has been letting off some steam, getting my point across, trying to feel accepted. Oh and just to let you know, on 15th of July, I have my first hour solo preview in Farringdon. if you would like to check out details and come along. My set will contain a mixture of stories from previous dates and guys I've met. Not really. I have funnier things to talk about.