Is UKIP As Disappointing As A Dating Site Bot For Young People?

On Friday UKIP announced their new leader Diane James as everybody's supposedly favourite purple potentate Nigel Farage finally hands over the torch at the Party Conference. But what is the future for the party?

On Friday UKIP announced their new leader Diane James as everybody's supposedly favourite purple potentate Nigel Farage finally hands over the torch at the Party Conference.

But what is the future for the party?

At a point where the party is haemorrhaging members and officials back to their Fatherland, The Conservative Party. Such as former aid to Farage, Alex Phillips today announced she is defecting to the Tories and UKIP Party director Steve Stanbury pleading with UKIP members to "come home to the Conservatives" live on BBC's Daily Politics yesterday. You could be forgiven for thinking there may be some problems going forward for the party.

But will UKIP care they are losing people?

Of course, the party will find this concerning but is it really the Tories they are setting their sights on? No, it's The Labour Party and it's their members they are targeting, as their anti-immigration rhetoric has struck a chord, especially with Northern and Midlands voters.

Nigel Farage has stated many times that UKIP could be the next Labour Party and see's the Party as a more credible opposition to the Tories. Even though UKIP have led the revolt on the right and the majority of Ukippers are very proud of their traditional right wing views.

It seems a little odd a person who may have fairly socialist values would vote for a populist neoliberal party, but the fact is poorer white communities do not feel connected with Westminster and the English question seem to be avoided by the major parties. UKIP has somehow managed very slightly squeeze British Nationalism into the centre ground debate which has been welcomed by English voters especially.

People are more and more disenfranchised with the political establishment and to a lot of people see UKIP are seen as a viable alternative.

Even young people.

But surely a party who portrays themselves as the ale swilling version of your Uncle Dave who drinks with your Dad in the local pub. That guy who is constantly swearing at Coronation Street, stating it's political correctness gone mad, can't really talk to the youth of the nation?

They are certainly trying to reach out to you.

Let's not forget in the General Election the Party's support among so-called Generation Y doubled and polled nearly as high as The Green Party before we all went to the polls.

The thing is, as much as you hear the sometimes idiotic discourse coming from the party or what can only be seen as bumbling, Stephen Wolf's leadership aberration, for example, they are really speaking to the working class.

Personally, it frustrates the hell out of me and I wish populism did not have so much sway in British politics, but it does and that's why we have political parties such as UKIP.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not your typical raving leftie, I have a very open view regarding my beliefs and I feel you should constantly have conflicted feelings in regards to your ideologies as that stops you from being blinded by passion, especially if you work in the field.

But as a person who is passionate about politics who encourages democratic dialogue from all angles of the spectrum, it's hard sometimes not to perch on on the edge of your sofa while watching UKIP on the telly and not bury your head in your hands.

Let's take into account Farage openly calling out Douglas Carswell MP on Sky News, Nathan Gill standing as an independent as he can't able to bring himself to be part of UKIP in Wales predicting a bloodbath, Ukippers bringing the party into refute on live TV and I don't even know where to start with Neil Hamilton. Bloody hell, Neil Hamilton, just let that resonate for a second.

To relate to you single people out there, sometimes UKIP is the political equivalent of matching with somebody really hot on Tinder, only to find out they are a robot. Yes UKIP, you are that frustrating.

As Carswell has stated UKIP now has to change, to move away from populism and rebrand itself as the right-wing libertarian alternative, and I agree if the party is serious about manoeuvring into the mainstream before it could become obsolete.

But it won't, it's fair to suggest a lot of the Northern voters have voted for UKIP as they want a voice in Government and if the Party were more clear with their laissez-faire economic policy it may cause some discomfort considering a lot of these people still blame this kind of economics for the destruction of their regional manufacturing commerce which is still a sore point to this day.

But under a new stewardship will the youth count grow? Judging by the amount of grey hair, cream suits and balding men who are clearly pissed before midday at Friday's conference, it has a job to do, but I'll watch with great interest.

Do you think Diane James premiership will bring more young people to the party?

One thing that would make me happy UKIP, stop using comic sans, there is a special place in hell for people who use comic sans.


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