David Cameron is being warned that telecoms equipment made by Chinese firms should be independently tested by the security
You might think 4G mobile service will just give you faster download speeds and acceptable streaming video on the train. You're
With many of the UK's top mobile networks preparing to launch their 4G services in the next few months, perhaps it's not
Slightly taking the sheen of the upcoming UK 4G roll-out is the news that Samsung have successfully developed the world's
We have all been there - seen a new mobile phone model and been convinced that it is the answer to all our problems and that we will never need to upgrade again. While 4G does promise a lot, it is worth stepping back and taking a more realistic view.
This month really has been the month of mobile. It celebrated its 40th anniversary, evolving from what we fondly recall as the brick to the sleek smartphone device we all carry round today. Facebook announced its Home phone software for android smartphones.
Speeds of "superfast" 4G broadband services are to double, provider EE announced today. Average speeds on the network currently
Nearly 40% of consumers feel "superfast" 4G mobile internet access is too costly, a study suggests. Increasing numbers of
If you have occasion to call a black cab in London, you'll usually be wise to strike up a conversation with the driver - their
Britons living in one of the UK's most rural regions have been given access to high-speed 4G services for the first time