Affordable Care Act

Vice president nominee Kamala Harris took part in the Senate hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, rebuking Republican efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and abortion access.
I am one of tens of millions of Americans who went bankrupt due to illness.
The late-night move, taken as coronavirus cases reach record levels, threatens the health insurance of millions of Americans.
It is the latest effort by the Trump administration to narrowly define sex discrimination in the US.
WASHINGTON ― At his Arizona ranch ― a verdant, canyon-bottom spread near Sedona, watered by a river in an otherwise arid
With beaming smiles, Barack Obama and Pope Francis have emerged from their first 52-minute discussion in the Vatican. But
Francis Maude has risked tweaking the nose of the American administration by bemoaning the antiquated approach to IT employed
Clearly 2013 was not the year Barack Obama had hoped for as the start of his second term. As with all second terms, President Obama's time to secure his legacy is limited before he becomes a "lame duck" and the nation begins to focus on 2016... He literally must decide what he wants to be remembered for when his time in office is at an end.
As Barack Obama was mid-way through a speech on his healthcare reforms, a pregnant woman standing behind him was on the verge
Michele Bachmann has called Obamacare the 'crown jewel of socialism' For Dr Jonathan Bell, a specialist on US social change