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When it comes to shameless self promotion, Katie Price is queen. In fact, I'm surprised she hasn't tried to copyright the
In the documentary How We Made Our Millions, Peter goes all the way back to the beginning of it all - in the one-bedroom tenement flat in Glasgow's East End. It ended up bringing out a lot of emotion for me. I was a bit nervous about being filmed in a documentary style and at 6ft 7ins, it wasn't easy to forget that Peter was following me around! But I ended up feeling quite relaxed and I opened up to him about all the trials and tribulations of growing up, my younger brother dying from spina bifida when I was eight, and my dad becoming ill at the age of 38. I was in tears because it unlocked a lot of heartache, but on the other hand opening up about it like that was also quite cathartic.
When I was growing up, the celebrities I looked up to were actors and musicians. They were people who had sacrificed normal lives and showed up on red carpets looking glamorous.
Like it or loathe it, there's one trend this autumn that is getting increasingly hard to avoid. When I think of it, I think of tan. I think of false eyelashes, of white stilettos, and of round-the-clock maintenance. It is not fashionable, edgy or remotely high-brow, but somehow it is a look that is taking over our sartorial lives.
This week, the UK population reacted as if we had been collectively slapped by a wet fish when we saw the headlines proclaiming that Take That backing singer Jason Orange was dating comedian Catherine Tate. Still got a look of disbelief on that pretty face of yours?
This week I asked seven of Britain's foremost media go-getters to choose between television's current top reality shows. Unfortunately they were busy. But these hacks had some spare time to share their opinions instead.
You can take the girl out of Essex... and plonk her in the middle of her own show. Amy Childs, a reality TV veteran at 21
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Lucien Laviscount has said he feels "like a muppet" after Amy Childs dashed his hopes of a Big Brother
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Lucien Laviscount's mother wants him to marry Kerry Katona. The former Coronation Street and Waterloo
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Television bosses originally planned to make hit reality show The Only Way Is Essex in Dorset. The ITV
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Sharing a confined space with Jedward, the housemates of Celebrity Big Brother must have known it would be a trying situation
Katie Price thinks Celebrity Big Brother bosses will edit the fly-on-the-wall show to make sure Amy Childs wins and becomes
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Amy Childs' The Only Way Is Essex co-stars have put their weight behind her to win Celebrity Big Brother
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Ten fame-seeking celebrity misfits entered the revamped, shiny, Channel 5 Big Brother house less than a week ago, but a lot
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Celebrity Big Brother's launch gave Five one of its biggest ever audiences with an average of 5.1 million
Less than 24 hours has passed since the launch of Celebrity Big Brother but already the pouty reality TV star Amy Childs
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Weeks of speculation will come to an end - and the humiliation will begin - as housemates are revealed
Jedward are the first confirmed contestants on this year's edition of Celebrity Big Brother. Their long-rumoured entry into