Around 160 police officers have been injured during violent anti-capitalist protests in Hamburg as some of the world’s most
Change doesn't happen overnight and persistence will be key to success. The tents will eventually disappear, but the knowledge acquired and the connections made during the time at St Paul's will remain as valuable building blocks for the future.
The true message of liberation will always result in some people feeling uneasy. To side, as many liberation theologians in the 1960s and 1970s did, against injustice, to commit one's life to the poor is not a political stance but a moral one.
All that the Occupy movement is trying to do is drag this free market fundamentalism out of the shadows and into political debate. And all the Occupy movement is calling for is a new idea to confront it. An idea liberated from the failed economic dogma which has been used as a facade behind which established interests have advanced themselves for the last 30 years, immune from the inconvenient interference of democracy.
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Anti-capitalist protesters will be told to remove their tents outside St Paul's Cathedral or face legal action. The City
Graeme Knowles, the Dean of St Paul's Cathedral is the latest high profile figure to resign over the handling of anti-capitalism
Anti-capitalist protesters who forced St Paul's Cathedral to close its doors have set up a second camp on a nearby square
The decision to close St Paul's in the face of the Occupy London protests is costing the cathedral more than £16,000 every