Nicolas Sarkozy's decision on Monday to ban hate-preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi from entering France was a sensible move. After the killing of Jewish children by Toulouse massacrist Mohammed Merah, a man so driven by anti-Semitism, it would have been unthinkable to welcome Qaradawi.
Ken Livingstone has provoked fury by suggesting that Jewish people won't vote for him because they are rich, according to
Nazis are on the move in Europe. This is not ancient history. Just a few days ago approximately 1,500 Latvians paid tribute to soldiers who fought in Nazi Germany's Waffen SS divisions. The counter-protest held that day was small in comparison.
The attack earlier this week on schoolchildren in Toulouse was horrific. But for the last five years the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-semitism has warned that such an attack was depressingly predictable.
Israel Apartheid week is fast approaching and opponents of the Jewish state are busying themselves on campuses up and down the country. With the Red, Green and Black bunting about to go up, sessions by anti-Israel rap artists being advertised and bake sales for the next flotilla being prepared, one can imagine that there is something almost festive about all of this for the event's organisers.
Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of attacking Israeli embassies in India and Georgia. Earlier this month
An endangered vessel can never remain rudderless for too long and it's been almost 12 months since the helmless ship Christian Dior parted with its (aspirational-pirate) captain John Galliano.
The two most galling cases of anti-Semitism on campuses in recent years have occurred at Oxford and now, LSE. The former being of course when Oxford Students deemed it appropriate fancy dress to arrive at a party dressed as Orthodox Jews, carrying 'bags of money'.
A Nazi-themed drinking game played on an LSE student skiing trip has sparked an inquiry after the "Nazi Ring of Fire" culminated
I wouldn't want any of this to dissuade Jewish students from being involved in the movement nor of coming to future demonstrations by any means, in fact it is examples such as these which I would use to encourage students from any minority background to get involved and to strive to challenge bigoted views in society - from the student movement up to the highest echelons of business and government.
The Conservative MP at the centre of a row over his presence at a Nazi-themed stag night in a French ski resort has made
Paul Flynn is not an anti-Semite. But his recent remarks, about the British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, gave expression, surely inadvertently, to a very old anti-Semitic idea: the eternally 'divided loyalty of the Jew.'
A Labour MP has found himself in hot water after he suggested Britain's ambassador to Israel may have divided loyalties because
Perhaps we should be asking if there is any moral justification at all for extending the full benefits of unlimited free speech to those who only wish to use this platform as a means by which to advocate the silencing of those who hold alternative views to their own, as well as an opportunity by which to incite further hatred against others?
Durban III, as the UN's world conference on racism and xenophobia has come to be popularly known, has long been synonymous
Galliano's outburst was not about shocking it was about his place in the fashion 'master-race' and its utter disdain for the Everywoman.
A French court has convicted John Galliano for racist and anti-Semitic slurs, handing him a suspended fine of £5,245 (€6,000
A Scottish student has been found guilty of a racist breach of the peace after he "insulted" an Israeli flag and called a