A prison governor at HMP Swaleside says they help fight depression and apathy among inmates serving the longest sentences.
I am sitting next to a truly beautiful specimen of pumpkin, grown by us, from seed. We had two beauties from a virgin gardening project and have already roasted and frozen the contents of one, ready for a future soup or pie.
"They" say that young people don't vote. Well, they did yesterday. From everything I have read, the 18 - 25 year olds came out in force and their footsteps striding to the ballot box; their pencils scratching their ballot papers and the crinkle of folding paper - has been heard loud and clear across the Country in General Election 2017.
So no matter what happens in the General Election, the left can feel proud of what has occurred so far, and can feel optimistic about the future of left-wing politics in the U.K.
We've got this wonderful thing called democracy, but only some of us seem to be using it. In the EU referendum, only 64% of
We forget that our 52 million souls are those catalysts, that we have power, and that as a collective we are strong beyond measure.
The problem is, when we start telling ourselves we're totally rad, we tend to stop moving forward and we stop improving as people. We start to blame other people when things go wrong. We blame our employer, the system or the world because "I'm doing everything right so it must be someone else's fault".
Working for a charity, I am explicitly told not to mix my politics with my work. And I get it, I do, but what has occurred
To win an election ever again, Labour needs to get people who don't vote to go to the polling station in 2020 and vote for them. But will a new leader and 'new politics' transform the Labour Party into something that can engage the disengaged?
A Labour coalition - or more specifically NOT a Tory coalition - is important. It means the next five years will be slightly easier for the people at the bottom of the pile and slightly harder for those at the top. I can see why you would endorse that and I sympathise with why Russell Brand did, but I'm still disappointed - I still feel betrayed by the man.