Arlene Foster

A judge said the tweet had cut Northern Ireland's First Minister “to the core”.
Anger had been mounting over her handling of Brexit and the DUP's decision to abstain in a vote on gay conversion therapy.
There’s really not a deeper intellectual meaning behind these riots, other than Northern Ireland simply has not learned from it’s past, writes Christopher Megrath.
The European Union performed an embarrassing U-turn after widespread condemnation of its move to control vaccines.
Schools will shut for two weeks while pubs and restaurants are to close for a month.
Nicola Sturgeon and Arlene Foster have both since rejected the use of the new instructions.
Foreign secretary says it is "not even in the negotiating room".
Bust-ups, wood pellets and a slow-burning public service crisis.
The Northern Irish party has appeared in the media just five times during the entire election campaign, analysis shows.
The DUP will continue to block the PM's Brexit deal, Foster told the party's conference.