His father turned him in.
"I went to the school's management, who claimed to be unaware of the incident. I also went to the boy's family, but they were not helpful."
She says it was not just Manana who assaulted her, it was "four or five" of his male companions who beat her and two friends.
"He beat me up until outsiders came [and intervened]" -- said the victim.
The pair who allegedly beat a man then forced him into a coffin and threatened to pour petrol into it, said their actions were "negligible".
A "disgusting and vicious" attack on a female police officer has been caught on a bodycam. The shocking footage shows Sergeant
Sobriety happened immediately. As a couple of friends took him to the hospital, I remember sitting on the stairs trying to process what had just happened and being completely unable to comprehend how anyone could do something like that.
The victim of a violent burglary has told how he "fought for his life" in the brutal attack by a gang of armed men. University
Tens of thousands of offences - equivalent to a fifth of all crimes - could be going unrecorded after being written off by
Former England captain John Terry's father was overheard saying "when the police call, tell them I never said those things
Former England captain John Terry's father drunkenly head-butted a man outside a pub and called him a "f****** Paki" in a
I survived my assault, and even managed to send my attacker home with bells ringing in his head. Andrew Young, who had a mental age of fourteen, no ground-in defensive skills, and probably lacked street smarts, was not so fortunate.
A man, believed to be the adult son of MP Mike Hancock, has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a photographer outside
A man was repeatedly stabbed by burglars in front of his family after being awoken by the intruders, reports The Telegraph
While the filmmakers say they are on a mission to "empower" women, such an all-guns blazing approach threatens to incite a dangerous streak of mob justice. India already has a long and gruesome history of people taking the law into their own hands - with violent and bloody consequences.
The estranged wife of paralysed former motorbike stunt rider Eddie Kidd has been jailed for five months after she admitted
A women's charity has called for the media not to shy away from printing pictures of Charles Saatchi with his hand around