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PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's 40-year regime appears to be crumbling as euphoric Libyan rebels swept into
David Cameron boasted to Barack Obama in a transatlantic phone call that England was "number one" at cricket, he has revealed
Syria is coming under increasing international pressure after European leaders and US President Barack Obama issued a statement
The leaders of the US, Britain, Germany and France have called on Syria's president to step down as international pressure
Abbas knows that the US does not want to publically veto the motion. He is trying to seize back the political momentum for the first time in years. For the 76 year-old this may really be his last throw of the dice.
The idea that the same three powers -- the United States, France and Britain - who have punished Haiti so mercilessly are now bombing Libya as part of a tireless effort to promote a "democratic transition" is absurd.
As Britain's atmosphere descends into a tenatative calm following days of arson, looting and disorder, some humour. Those
Exactly the same underlying conflicts of interest that damned the CDO market are present in their ratings of sovereign debt. The truth is, the global financial system hinges on the accuracy of the credit rating agencies.
Details of an emerging turf war in Washington DC between the CIA and the US State Department suggest a policy shift may be
The UK economy may still suffer from the effects of the US Debt crisis, despite Washington's 11th-hour deal between the Republicans