I'm a recent covert to beetroot. I'd always hated them after being force-fed pickled beets at infants' school
We looked at the back of a very dubious pack of sweets and saw that the green colour derived from spirulina and pea protein. OK, so the sweets were also full of sugar but I felt that was a step forward in the right direction.
While it tastes a little earthy and leaves you with rouge lips, drinking beetroot juice daily could be super beneficial for
Beetroots can be tough and take for ever to cook but right now they are in season and the small ones are sweet and delicious just boiled and dressed with olive oil. Beef and horseradish is a great combination but with the addition of the beetroots it tastes delicious. Have a great week!
A cup of beetroot juice a day may help reduce your blood pressure, according to a small study published in the American Heart
Beetroot juice can improve your puff, potentially benefiting swimmers, singers, and mountaineers, research has shown. In
With the bikini season about to kick-off, many of us will make a mental note to embark on a fitness plan that will get our
Scientists are on the lookout for men to eat burgers - so they can test the health benefits of beetroot. Researchers at the