The tree surgeon who died after his chainsaw “kicked back” into his neck was left dangling at the height of around 21 feet
A petition was later started to rally support for the cafe. It read: "There is a small, indie coffee shop in Bermondsey called
A coffee shop in South London has vowed to change its name after lawyers warned the business would be taken to court if it
Okay folks, I've got a couple of phrases I'd like you to repeat after me. The first one is "kimchi and Stilton grilled cheese sandwich" as this is the future of what you shall crave. The other is "Druid Street Market," which is an important phrase to remember because that's were you're gonna head on Saturday to take a bite out of this uber-umami toastie.
On a quiet - some might say eerily quiet - Monday, I stepped out onto my balcony in Bermondsey. I wasn't alarmed by the unexpected peacefulness until I looked to the right and saw police clustered at the end of my road... and then looked left to see even more officers.
When staying in London we usually try and choose a hotel that is pretty central, and generally stick to W1, it's a stone's throw from all the shops and perfect for getting around.
Last week, British designer, the eclectic pink-haired Zandra Rhodes, hosted a dinner party for an intimate group of journalists and I was privileged to be one of the guests