My university bookcase is the best example of how all this exists together. Next to well-worn feminist literature from Laura Bates to Iris Murdoch is my Bible; each loved, each with an important place in my life.
But go ahead and make plans for Sunday anyway.
The latest efforts of some sections of the media to brand Oxford University a haven of over-zealous liberalism has forced
Among the many reasons people across the world have been expressing outrage at the executive order on immigration signed by President Donald Trump, one of the lesser noted has been its advocacy of a "religious test" for migrants.
By embracing a truly modern approach to worship and inspiring a whole new generation of young Christians, Hillsong has to be respected and admired. They do some incredible charity work and appear to be going from strength to strength in terms of attracting new members to the church. It's just a shame that they are not quite as welcoming as they seem. I, for one, will not be going to Wembley Arena this Christmas.
For non-Christians - the majority of Brits - the Bible isn't uniquely moral, uniquely important, or uniquely beautiful. Christian hegemony is out of date. Cast away on a desert island, people should be offered the book of their choice and we now have a whole wide world of inspiration to choose from.
One day, we too may be at the wrong end of a gun, facing someone who believes we deserve to die. And then we may regret all the hours we wasted complaining, bitching and condemning those we thought were wrong and wish that we had spent more time dancing, loving and brightening life ourselves.
In the eleven years since Luke Kennard won the Eric Gregory Award for The Solex Brothers, he has released five collections
Mercury will make a rare move across the sun on Monday – an important celestial event for stargazers and a portent of doom
Mercury will make a rare move across the sun on Monday – an important celestial event for stargazers and a portent of doom
I was never fond of St. Paul. His teachings on on women were always a challenge and I always wondered how he got the ascendency over the disciples who actually knew Jesus and managed to kick-start Christianity virtually single-handed.
Donald Trump, I can love you as a brother, I can see the wounded human being in your eyes. But I really don't think you - or anyone who believes in excluding the hurt, the poor, the different from the "accepted norm" or anyone who disagrees with your version of "the truth" - can be a Christian.
There were more subtle differences between the New Testament and the Quran Anderson wrote in summary: "“Of the three texts
The Bishop of London, the Right Rev Richard Chartres, has taken the extraordinary step of praising two of the vicars in his diocese not for their piety or self-sacrifice, but for growing their beards.
I believe in free speech and uphold Fury's right to say what he wants. I am less supportive of a public-funded body who choose to reinforce hate-filled views via an awards nomination but I am glad I have a right to respond.
"And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young
And the gun, which is on sale for $1,395, is proving to be a hit – with a note on the stockist’s website reading: “Due to
NEW YORK -- How does an American gun seller make a rifle that can’t be used by “Muslim terrorists?” Engrave it with a Bible
An archaeological dig has unearthed the remains of an enormous gate which may have marked the entrance of a biblical city
Forget about the millions missing Top Gear, the BBC are expecting record viewing figures for another programme next Monday (March 30): a made-for-television film about the life of Noah, with David Threlfall playing the lead role and moving from shameless to righteous.