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Asked to describe her style in three words the first thing that comes to Anderson’s mind is best represented in emojis: 🔥 🔥 🔥 “No
It's about honouring my mother and the struggles she went through to give us a better life. And it's about representing my female Asian community because, as silly as it sounds, you won't know you can do something until you see someone like you doing it. It's so when my niece grows up, she won't hesitate to lace her boots up and march because she's already seen me do it.
Why aren't black female directors given more of an opportunity to share their films with audiences? They bring different perspectives, challenging storylines and insightful characters to the forefront and the majority of these characters are people of colour. They bring us stories that would perhaps be left untold.
Interracial couples have shared some of the issues they face being together. Whether it’s cultural differences, family acceptance
The BAME community is full of intelligent, creative and highly skilled individuals, but we need to show younger generations that they can succeed in business. Celebrating the achievements of diverse business leaders is a powerful tool in increasing the visibility of role models for younger people from minority ethnic backgrounds, and therefore helping to support the diverse leaders of tomorrow.
Less than 4% of hundreds of commemorative blue plaques in London are dedicated to Black and Asian figures from history - but
It is amazing to see the large contribution made by the many creative voices within the sector, that are continuing to work and make the creative world a colourful place. But this isn't just the people that are on our screens and stages making the noise for diversity. It is also the people in education who want to make change, the new generation of graduated talent or soon to be graduated talent.
I am sure you already know the names of the celebrities who have come out as trans this year, the trans actors playing trans characters on television, the trans stars who have paved the way in 2015. But these trans people do not represent me. I don't write their names because they don't represent us. The colour of their skin is a reminder that trans people of colour are still fighting for representation and survival. So, has 2015 been a year to celebrate the trans community? Or has 2015 just shown us how far there is to go?