born and raised

Non-binary people are real and they exist; their experiences are varied and complex. For a lot of black non-binary folks it is only through self-decolonization that many of us are able to truly claim this identity. Society does not allow space for black folks to be alternative, to be nerdy, to be weird, to be queer, to be different from the narrow boxes created for us throughout history.
That moment where butterflies come alive and flutter endlessly in my abdomen had arrived. Everyone gazed at me with intense affection. By this time the majority of guests had gone. The only people left were those who'd been there for the days of festivities before this final day.
Many times, I've read articles saying it's time to talk, mental health is important and every other recycled term relating to mental health. Honestly, every time I've agreed with them, we do need to talk, mental health IS important and every recycled term surrounding mental health stands.
Festivals like Wilderness should embrace diversity in every form but they are failing to reach out and connect with a wider audience. I wonder how many BAME's are involved with Wilderness. It would be interesting to note and get a clearer picture of whether diversity initiatives are being assessed or put in place behind the scenes.
Too often, people project their interpretation of an individual's identity based on their criteria. For some, it is as straightforward as 'where you are born and raise is what you are.' Especially for people of colour who ethnic and cultural identity can sometimes clash with their national one.
This is a very personal point of view. And it is my point of view. But I do hope that some of it, if not all of it will be
‘Countryfile’ presenter Anita Rani has called for the BBC to act on its race pay gap, as well as its gender pay gap.  A recent
'It took me a long time to realise it. But we are all worth it.'
Serena Williams has written a powerful open letter calling on black women to fight hard for equal pay.  The 35-year-old tennis