When was the last time an insect flew into your windscreen?
“It would have tickled her so much to know that he’s actually done it.”
The children almost can't believe their eyes - through the welcome archway made up of 4000 baubles we are greeted by a sea
  Kew Gardens is one of those places that I don’t visit enough. So much to do and see year round and an easy trip on the
No matter what anyone says, every gardener knows it is not that hard to kill your plants, even if you do consider yourself
This dynamic between the vulnerable and the powerful brings a relevancy to the image of the Datura and other flowers by the New York-based photographer Andrew Zuckerman. The juxtaposition of rigidity and rigour and a fragile, almost feminine form gives these images their distinctive beauty.
Botanists have discovered the first night-flowering orchid known to science. The species, Bulbophyllum nocturnum, grows on
Gardeners worried about leaving their precious plants alone whilst they go on holiday can sleep a little easier tonight, after