We promise "for better or worse" and I think it's safe to assume that nobody has promised to uphold these things only until they get divorced.
What a crock of shit. Men, are you really that pathetic? Are you really going to dump your wife because she got promoted? Are you heck. You're going to brag about how awesome she is down the pub, just like your wife would if it was the other way around.
Can we please stop this narrative that suggests women are incapable of recovering from failed relationships, or those that sadly run their course, and instead recognise many women not only survive but thrive without a partner?
A difference in parenting methods has been blamed as one of the main reasons for the Brangelina split. Parenting together can be a minefield, especially if you have different ideas about how to do it. If there are problems in the foundation of your relationship already and then you add in on top of this differences of opinion on how to parent then this can cause huge cracks to appear. 
I write to you in response to the distress you have caused me today. As professionals, you are no doubt aware that your role as a celebrity brings with it certain responsibilities. I therefore feel that your actions are tantamount to gross misconduct, and, with that in mind, I urge you to respectfully resign from your posts as professional celebrities.
With jokes about Jolie getting the karma she deserves and how smug Aniston 'must' be feeling being plastered all over the internet, we have to ask: is our reaction to the split slightly cruel?