breast is best

After speaking to many mothers, I'm starting to realise that something's gotta change. Somewhere in our support system, everyone got so obsessed with "breast is best" - for the baby - that the mother's needs and difficulties are often dismissed and they are left with mother's guilt for not being able to nourish their baby "the right way" eating them alive.
The few children's books I've found that feature breastfeeding tend to be ones that are specifically about breastfeeding or attachment parenting more generally; in other words, someone would have to already be passionate about breastfeeding to seek out these texts
Once you have a baby, your parenting choices seem to become public property that everyone feels completely entitled to have
A disgruntled mum decided to make a stand and pump breast milk in a busy hotel lobby after being refused a private space
Everyone has an opinion on breastfeeding - whether it’s getting flack when mums breastfeed in public or judgemental looks
I am talking about a minority of breastfeeding advocates here. Most of you lovely people do not do what I am about to talk about. And "lactivists" are super important. And all of you - including the ones I'm talking about here - are amazing people who are working hard for women and babies.
Ellie's piece resonated with me on a lot of levels, and I am so proud of her for advocating for something that ALL women and babies, of all socio-economic levels, everywhere, need and deserve. But it also got me thinking that something continues to be missing from this conversation. (I can say this, knowing that Ellie will have my back!)
I am having a major insight this week. Here goes: Guilt = response to what one does. Shame = response to what one IS. Which one is at work for me, and for other breastfeeding mothers?