Not since Queen Victoria has a German woman been so powerful in European politics. In those perversely fascinating 'family photos' of the European Council, Angela Merkel stands out from the crowd...
The Liberal Democrats brought stability of government when they formed the coalition with the Conservatives in May 2010, and it will be their joint management of the British economy through the crisis that will dominate this May's election campaign...
If David Cameron is serious about reducing red tape then there are no better allies than his partners in the EU's institutions. Instead of viewing EU legislation as a costly inconvenience, we'd be better served by seeing it as one of the best mechanisms we have available for making Europe a more streamlined and competitive place.
Michael O'Leary has urged David Cameron to stay in the European Union and work with Eastern European member states rather
The E.U. values Britain's membership and a "Brexit" would be felt across Europe and around the world. But Britain is not indispensable. If faced with a choice the E.U. comes first, Britain second.
One of the many joys of being a trainee in the European Commission is being able to socialise in the international melting pot of the European bubble, to gluttonously gorge on a feast of cultures and languages, to take the notion of 'nationality' and throw it off like a duvet on a sweaty summer night such as we have rarely experienced in the UK...
Scottish independence would spark "massive recriminations" in Westminster and increase the likelihood of Britain leaving
As British exit becomes more likely, all interest groups should consider the merits and drawbacks of leaving the EU and how they should be addressed. Questions of free trade, Britain's stance on the world stage and domestic policy can all be overcome. It's best that they're overcome together.
Is there life after (out of) the EU? Well, of course there is. Those among us who are worried about losing the benefits of EU membership, or fear Great Britain becoming an insignificant mid-range power that nobody listens to need not fret, according to the newest report by eurosceptic think-tank Civitas.
How like Boris to use a much-trailed speech on Europe as a sort of summer panto, a bit of harmless fun, the brass band preceding his big announcement about his own ambitions here in the UK.