British Social Attitudes Survey

Attitudes towards sex out of wedlock has also plateaued.
A 'deeply concerning' proportion of people admit having racist views.
Brexit voters are more likely to admit to holding racist views than Remain voters, new research shows. More than a third
British attitudes towards tax and spend policies have shifted to the left amid a broader rejection of austerity, an influential
What we need is a nationwide dialogue about the British values we do (and perhaps don't) share - a dialogue that spans the sacred and the secular, the north and the south, the urban and the rural, and the advantaged and disadvantaged. It may well be that our schools are among the best drivers of this dialogue, but only if we downplay its didactic purpose in favour of our best traditions of democratic debate.
Fears over immigration and the impact of the 9/11 terror attacks are likely to have fuelled rising levels of racial prejudice
I'm a member of the Labour Party. I was a Labour councillor in my home town or York for six years, and even stood as a parliamentary candidate for them in 2005. I've been a Labour supporter for the last 20 years. But yes, I'll admit it: though I struggled for years to dispute it, I'm middle class and always have been.
The media just loves the immigration debate, and Nick Robinson's programme (The Truth about immigration) is proving the perfect hook. The programme includes our most recent British Social Attitudes, finding that over 3 in 4 of us (77%) want to see a reduction in immigration.
The introduction of devolution in Scotland and Wales and its re-introduction in Northern Ireland was one of the major achievements of the Labour government. Yet its aspirations for fostering devolution in England largely came to naught.