Hard-nosed business and the emotive world of football come together.
We've all heard about German football and how cheap it is compared to the sport here. Once you go there, you realise that it's impressive in so many more ways that just financially. I'll never stop loving football in England, but seeing it in Germany was a massive epiphany in my life as a fan.
Football has become a massive global brand over time. With the almost daily coverage of Europe's top leagues beamed around the world for multi-million pound TV deals, from here in the UK all the way to the United States, the UAE, China, and South Korea...
With just two wins from the opening seven games, Dortmund desperately need to turn their form around as soon as possible. However, the personnel at Klopp's disposal must help in their quest to shorten the 10-point gap between themselves and Bayern, starting with Ramos and Immobile...
Football is too expensive - regardless of how you watch it. You'll struggle to find a fan in the whole of the UK that doesn't agree. The BBC have just commissioned their yearly "cost of football survey" and the results are hardly surprising.
Spanish journalist Marti Perarnau was granted enviable access to Pep Guardiola during his first year in charge of Bayern
The sanitisation of British football has become so unappealing it is estimated 1,000 English fans travel to watch every Borussia
Bundesliga fans won't even get to see referees' vanishing spray before it, well, vanishes after German safety suits banned
Most footballers literally could not miss an open goal from two yards out but Philipp Hofmann is the exception. Yes, it bobbles
Di María was expected to depart for pastures new at the end of the campaign, but Alonso's move to Bayern caught many off guard.